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  • Ashura

    Ziyaarat Ashura ‘s Best Miracles

    Importance and the Traditions of Ziyaarat e Ashura Except ziyarat e Ashura No other Ziyaarat has this level of eminence and superiority. What could be greater merit for this Ziyaarat than to be the Read here : ziyarat e Ashura  “Word of Allah” (Hadith Qudsi)? Safwan (r.a.) said. Hazrat Jibraeel (a.s.) told the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.) about this Ziyaarat on God’s command. We will talk more about this incident at the end of this article. For now, it’s important to know that this Ziyaarat is Hadithe Qudsi . It came to Imam Baqir (a.s.) through His noble ancestors. Later in…

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  • Imam Sajjad in darbar e sham

    Great Khutbah Of Imam Sajjad as In Darbar e Sham

    Imam Sajjad as and his father  Imam Hussain as in Karbala  Imam Sajjad (A.S.) witnessed the psychologically traumatizing occurrence of his father, siblings, uncles, and close relatives killed by the Yazid. As a result, the Imam plays a crucial role as an eyewitness to the events at Karbala. Imam Sajjad (A.S.), Imam Hussain’s successor, nonetheless felt a need to stand out for his father. However, Imam Hussain (A.S) forbade his son from leaving because He needed to safeguard the next Imam from harm. Khutba of Imam (as) in the court of Yazid (la) Yazid issued instructions for the procurement of…

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  • women in islam

    Women in Islam and Christianity

    Women in Islam and Christianity (A Comparative Research) Key points: Over view of Islam and Christianity Women in Christianity According to the oldest Christians Men’s are more superior Women’s are the source of all evil on earth Women’s are punished more harshly than men Women’s are ‘temptresses’ Female is malformed Women’s importance in Christianity after the year 1600 Women as the Image of God New Sects Improve Women’s Status Situation Right Now Introduction: The status of women has recently been contested.  Women’s studies, feminism, women’s rights, and gender justice are current hot issues. When we look back in history to…

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  • Maktoobat Hazrat Ali

    Discover: The Surprising Maktoobat Hazrat Ali as

    Maktoobat Hazrat Ali to `Abdullah ibn `Abbas  At the Time of His Deputation to Confront the Kharijites: Do not argue with them through the medium of the Holy Qur’an because the Holy Qur’an has many faces. You will say your own and they will say theirs; but argue with them by the Sunnah because they cannot find any escape from it. Instruction Given to `Abdullah ibn `Abbas at the time of his appointment at his Governor of Basrah. Meet people with a broad smile, allow them free audience and pass generous orders. Avoid anger because it is the augury of…

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  • Healing Gemstones

    Healing Gemstones that help to overcome the problems

    Healing Gemstones for Each Zodiac Sign The Healing stones that help you to overcome the problems and difficulties Gemstones may be used for more than just decoration. These earthly wonders contain curative, protective, calming, and clarifying properties. Each zodiac sign has a gemstone that works well with its energy. Consider not just Sun signs but also Moon and Rising signs when deciding which diamond is right for you, a friend, or a loved one. Healing Gemstones for Aries (March 21 – April 19) Diamond: Like Aries, the most independent of the signs, the diamond is the toughest of all stones.…

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  • Zodiac Gemstones

    Zodiac Gemstones: Astrology & Birthday Signs

    What is your lucky Zodiac Gemstones according to your date of birth? Zodiac Gemstones are more than simply attractive objects; they transport us to a dazzling, multicolored universe. These magnificent stones, which may be discovered on the surface or deep inside the soil, are not only used to manufacture jewelry but are also said to possess magical properties. Zodiac Gemstones are stunning in appearance and have amazing symbolism. You may put them on for good fortune, or you can just enjoy the way they sparkle. On important occasions, it is usual to present loved ones with gemstone jewelry such as…

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