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Maktoobat Hazrat Ali to `Abdullah ibn `Abbas 

At the Time of His Deputation to Confront the Kharijites: Do not argue with them through the medium of the Holy Qur’an because the Holy Qur’an has many faces. You will say your own and they will say theirs; but argue with them by the Sunnah because they cannot find any escape from it.

Instruction Given to `Abdullah ibn `Abbas at the time of his appointment at his Governor of Basrah. Meet people with a broad smile, allow them free audience and pass generous orders. Avoid anger because it is the augury of Satan. Remember that whatever takes you near Allah takes you away from the Fire (of Hell) and whatever takes you away from Allah takes you near the Fire.

Maktoobat Hazrat Ali to Mu`awiyah,

Soon after Imam Ali Ibn Aba Talib, Peace be Upon Him Was Sworn In:From the servant of Allah, Ali, Ibn Aba Talib, to Mu`awiyah son of Aba Sufyan: You are aware of my excuses before you, people, and my shunning you till that happened which was inevitable and which could not be prevented. The story is long and much is to be said. What was to pass has passed and what was to come has come. Therefore, secure (my) allegiance from those who are with you and come in a deputation of your people to me, and that is the end of the matter.

Written by Imam Ali Ibn Aba Talib, Peace be Upon Him as a Protocol between the Tribes of Rabi`ah and the People of Yemen, Taken from the Writing of Hisham Ibn (Muhammad) al-Kalbi

This indenture contains what the people of Yemen, including the townsmen and the nomads, in addition to the tribes of Rabi`ah, including the townsmen and the nomads, have agreed on this: that they will adhere to the Book of Allah, will call to it and enjoin according to it and will respond to whoever calls to it and enjoins according to it. They will not sell it for any price nor accept any alternative for it. They will join hands against anyone who opposes it and abandons it.

They will help one another. Their voice will be one. They will not break their pledge on account of the rebuke of one who rebukes, or of the wrath of an angry person, or the humiliating treatment of one group to the other, or the use of abusive terms by one party against the other.

Maktoobat Hazrat Ali to Muawiyah

In exchanging replies and listening to your letters [as someone reads them for me], my view has been weak and my intelligence has been erring. When you refer your demands to me and expect me to send you written replies, you are like one who is in deep slumber while his dreams contradict him, or one who stands perplexed and overwhelmed, not knowing whether what comes to him is for him or against him.

You are not such a man but he is (to some extent) like you (as you are worse than him). I swear by Allah that, had it not been for (my) giving you time, you would have faced from me a catastrophe that would have crushed the bones and removed the flesh. Be informed that Satan has prevented you from turning to good actions and from listening to the words of counsels. Peace be upon those who deserve it.

Maktoobat Hazrat Ali to Abu Musa al-Ash`ari

Certainly, many people have turned away from many a (lasting) benefit (of the next life), for they bent towards the world and spoke with passion. I have been struck with wonder in this matter upon which people who are conceited have agreed.

I am providing a cure for their wound but I fear lest it should develop into a clot of blood (and becomes incurable). Remember that nobody is more desirous than I for the unity of the umma of Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) and their solidarity. I seek through it good reward and an honorable place to return to.

I shall fulfill what I have pledged upon myself even though you may go back from the sound status that existed when you last left me because wretched is one who is denied the benefit of wisdom and experience. I feel enraged if anyone utters falsehood, or if I should worsen a matter which Allah has kept sound. Therefore, leave out what you do not understand because wicked people will be conveying to your vicious things; and that is the end of the matter.

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