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The History of Fadak: A shocking Journey

In this article you will come to know  history of Fadak got to where it is now is one of the secrets of Islamic history. Each ruler had their own opinion on it. Someone would take it, then someone else would give it back. This went on for so long that the land was ruined and left to rot. We only need to look at the following parts to learn about the highs and lows of this busy town.

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History Of Fadak: How & when Fadak was given back to the Prophet’s children and grandchildren?

  • Everyone knows that after Khaibar Victory, the Jews made a peace deal and give Fadak to the Holy Prophet (pbuh). By the order of the verse, it became the sole property of the Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h.), and by the order of this verse, it was His right and consent to whom He want to grant it.
  • Reliable records of the history say that Because of a verse in the Quran, the Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h.) gave it to Hazrat Fatimah Zahra (sa) when He was still alive. This put it in the hands of the Prophet’s (pbuh) honorable and beloved daughter.
  • In the History of Fadak ,When the first caliph was in charge, the government took Fadak by force and put it under its control. People in this village were very set on keeping things the same, which was strange.

Omar ben Abdul Aziz:

  • Things stayed this way until the Umayyed ruler “Omar ben Abdul Aziz,” who was more understanding of the Prophet’s family. He told his master in Medina that the children of Hazrat Fatimah (sa) should get Fadak back.
  • The history of Fadak showed the most important step of Omar Ben Abdul azez that proves the true of its ownership.

The governor of Medina wrote back, “Fatimah (sa)has many children, and they have married into many different groups.” “Who should I return it to?”

In answer, Omar bin Abdul Aziz got very angry and sent a harsh letter to the governor of Medina. It said, “Every time I send you a letter telling you to offer a sheep, will you write back right away to tell me if it should have horns or not? If I wrote, “Offer a cow,” would you ask what color the cow should be? As soon as you get this letter, divide Fadak between the children of Hazrat Fatimah (sa).”

The history of Fadak shows that it was given back to Hazrat Fatimah’s children with one big turn.

  • It didn’t take long for the master of the Umayyed, “Yazid bin Abdul Malik,” to take it back.
  • Bani Umayyed were finally kicked out of power, and bin Abbas took over. The famous Abbasid king gave it back to “Abdullah ben Hassan ben Ali (as)” as a representative of Bani Fatimah (p.b.u.h.).
  • After not much time had passed, “Abu Jaffar Abbasi” took it from the house of Imam Hassan (as). (because they broke away from Bani Abbas)
  • Abu Jaffar’s son, “Mahdi Abbasi,” gave it back to Hazrat Fatimah’s children again.
  • “Musa Al-hady, another Abbasid caliph, took it over again, and “Haroon Al-Rashid” did this again and again.

Mamoon ur Rasheed returned Fadak:

  • Mamoon gave it back to Hazrat Fatimah’s children with a lot of pomp and ceremony to show how much he loved the Prophet’s descendants and the children of Imam Ali (as) and Hazrat Fatimah (sa).

This is what Mamoon wrote to his governor in Medina, according to history of Fadak .

“The Holy Prophet of (p.b.u.h.) gave “Fadak” to His daughter Hazrat Fatimah (sa), and everyone in the Prophet’s family knew this. After that,Hazrat Fatimah was the only one who ever claimed it, and Her words are more reliable than anyone else’s. I think it should go to the person who represents Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h.) Return it to Imam Zain al-Abedeen’s cousins, Muhammad ben Yahya and Muhammad ben Abdullah, so that they can give it to Her children.

Ibn Abi Al-hadid narrated:

“Ibn Abi Al-hadid” says that Mamoon was sitting there to listen to what people had to say. The first thing he heard about was Fadak, and he looked into it. As soon as he read the report, he started crying and told one of his officers, “Call and find out where Hazrat Fatimah’s (sa) lawyer is.” An old man came up to Mamoon and talked with him for a long time. Mamoon gave them orders. Fadak was given to him in writing as a representative of the Prophets Family (sa).

When Mamoon signed this law, De’bal stood up and read a poem. The first line says,

“ Time put a smile on its face.”

Since in the history of Fadak , Mamoon gave Bani Hashem Fadak back. (Ibn Abi Al-Hadid, Vol. 16, P. 217.)

The author of the book “Fadak” says that the Prophet (pbuh) gave Fadak to Hazart Fatima (sa) based on one story from Abu Saed Khidri. Mamoon said that Fadak should be returned to the children of Hazart Fatimah (sa). (“Fadak”, page 6)

  • But because he hated the Prophet’s family so much, Motavakkel Abbasi took Fadak away from them again.
  • The son of Motavakkel Mansour ordered that it be given back to the children of Imam Hassan (as) and Imam Hussain (as).

Obviously, a town whose leaders are always mad at each other and use it as a plaything will die quickly. In the end,history of Fadak turned out like this. All of the people’s homes were destroyed, and all of the trees withered and died.

But, in history of Fadak , these quotes show that the caliphs were very sensitive to Fadak and that their reactions to him depended on how he ran his government.

History of Fadak shows, as has been said before, that taking Fadak away from Hazrat Fatimah (sa) and her children were more political than economic. Its goal was to keep them from joining Islamic society and to weaken them. It was also a sign of hate for the family of the Holy Prophet (pbuh). In the same way, giving Fadak back to them was a “political move” meant to show care and love for the Prophet’s family (p.b.u.h.). This happened more than once in the history of Islam.

Some history of Fadak accounts say that before Fadak was taken from Bani Fatimah (p.b.u.h. ), during the time of “Motavakkel Abassi,” the dates it created were brought to Hajj and sold for very high prices as good luck gifts.

(Ibn Abi Al-Hadid, volume 16, page 217)

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