12 Zil Hajj : Shahadat Of Jorri Bibi Ruqayya as

Reasons for Shahadat of Jorri Bibi Ruqayya as

As Hazrat Muslim a.s was getting ready for departure on his mission, Imam Hussain a.s approached him and remarked,

“Muslim a.s, the entire world knows you are one of the bravest warriors.” It is likely that seeing you at Kufa would lead some people to believe that our objective is to fight Yazid. Bring your two sons, Muhammad and Ibraheem with you. They will understand that our objectives are peaceful as they see you with such small youngsters.”

Jorri Bibi Ruqayya as After the shahadat of their father:

Following the terrible events of the 9th Zilhaj 60 Hijri in which Muslim ibn Aqeel a.s chose Shahadat, his two sons were seized and imprisoned in Kufa. The dungeon at Kufa was disgusting and inhabited by mice and bugs. Muslim’s a.s two innocent sons spent several days there.

Their faces were now completely coated in dirt and grime. They had barely any food to consume, and it was only dry bread and water at night. Ibrahim a.s began crying on the evening of the th Zilhaj, having grown tired of their condition. Muhammad a.s comforted his brother by wiping away his tears.

When the prisoner came to feed the youngsters their evening meal that day, he heard their talk. He begged and demanded to know what the boys were talking about. As the jailer became enraged, Ibrahim a.s opened his mouth and said:

“Do you have any knowledge of Muhammad a.s ibn Abdullah? What kind of a question is this? I know him very well; without recognising our Prophet (S.A.W), my faith would be incomplete,” the jailer responded. Muhammad a.s then asked, “Do you know Jaffar e Tayyar a.s?” “I know him too,” the jailer said, “what Muslim doesn’t know him?”

The boys proceeded to question him about Ali ibn Abi Talib a.s, Aqeel ibn Abi Talib a.s, and eventually Muslim ibn Aqeel a.s. The jailer replied that he recognised all of the Prophet’s household’s well-known characters, and he asked the boys how they recognised all of these prominent people at such a young age. “How could we not recognise these people when we are the children of Muslim ibn Aqeel a.s and grandsons of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.W)?” questioned Ibrahim a.s.

When the jailer heard this, he started hitting himself and became immensely sorry. After discovering the truth about them, the jailer begged them for forgiveness and eventually let them go.

Like their father, the boys were outsiders in Kufa. Despite the fact that the jailer had given them guidelines, they became misplaced. Ibn Ziyads’ men had blocked all routes and were stationed at all city exits and junctions. They were exhausted and had nowhere to go in Kufa.

They eventually made their way up to the Euphrates River’s bank. When a woman noticed them and asked who they were, they drank some water and tried to hide beneath a tree. She provided them protection for the night after learning the truth about them but warned them about her son-in-law, Haris, who supported Ibn Ziyad.

Haris was not at home at the time, and the kind woman urged the youngsters not to make any noise should they get caught by Haris when he returned. The kids said their prayers and then went to bed. Muhammad a.s awoke in the evening and began crying. Ibrahim a.s inquired as to why he was crying. According to Muhammad a.s:

“In a dream, I saw our father calling out for us.” “Brother, be patient; I also saw our father in a dream calling us to him,” Ibrahim stated.

They both began to cry. Harris, who had returned, noticed the children crying. He unlocked the door and introduced himself to the children. When he discovered they were the sons of Muslim ibn Aqeel a.s, he tied both boys to a pole. Haris’s wife tried but failed to stop him.

Haris had been blinded by the desire to collect Ibn Ziyad’s compensation for capturing these children. The kids spent the entire night chained to the pole Haris dragged them to the riverbank in the early hours of the day. He pulled out his sword. “Haris, are you going to kill us?” Ibrahim a.s said. “Yes!” Haris replied. “In that case, give us time to finish our morning prayers.” The two lads prayed together.

They lifted their hands and exclaimed, “Inna Lillaah wa Inna Ilay-hi Rajeeoon! O Allah, give our mother strength when she hears of our death, and judge between us and our killers!”

The sword was drawn! Splashes were seen in the water. Jorri Bibi Ruqayya was observed drifting away in the Euphrates River.  It is reported that Haris was executed in the same place where he murdered these innocent Muslim children. Ibn Ziyad commanded his execution in order to capture the children alive. May God’s curse fall on Ahl ul Bayt’s a.s enemies. Ameen.

Jorri Bibi Ruqayya, the grandson of Imam Ali as, played an important role in Islamic history.

Jorri Bibi Ruqayya, particularly  Ibrahim and Muhammad, have had a profound impact on Islamic history and continue to be revered by Muslims today. Jorri Bibi Ruqayya’s sacrifice and resistance against unjust rulers serve as a reminder of the importance of standing up for justice and fighting against oppression. The annual commemoration of 12 Zilhaj By Shias, which marks the martyrdom of jorri Bibi Ruqayya as and their followers, is a significant event for Muslims around the world and serves as a reminder of the ongoing struggle for justice and equality.

Jorri Bibi Ruqayya has left an indelible mark on Islamic history and continues to inspire Muslims around the world to this day. Jorri Bibi Ruqayya’s legacy of resistance against oppression and commitment to justice serves as a reminder of the ongoing struggle for equality and human rights. As we reflect on Jorri Bibi Ruqayya’s sacrifice and the impact they have had on Islamic history, we are reminded of the importance of standing up for what is right and fighting against injustice in all its forms. May Jorri Bibi Ruqayya’s shahadat continue to inspire us to work towards a better world for all.

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