22 Zil Hajj 2023 Date: Shahadat Meesam e Tammar as

Meesam e Tammar as Shahadat: 22 Zilhajj 2023 Date: July 10, 2023

In this article, you’ll know about Hazrat Meesam e Tammar as and his life journey his love for Rasool Allah (pbuh) and his Ahl Al Bait his early life, and the courage Meesam e Tammar as had to stand against e traitor.

Introduction of Meesam e Tammar as

Meesam e Tammar as al-Asadi died in the year hijri 61/680. He was a faithful ally of Imam Ali (a.s) and a religious man., He is known for being a date seller in Kufa who had a lot of great traits. Meesam e Tammar as was killed by the leader of the Ummayas before the Battle of Karbala.

Name and tribe of Meesam e Tammar as:

Meesam e Tammar as was not an Arab, but he earned a place in the Bani Asad group because he was a slave of an Asadi woman. After that, Imam Ali (a.s) bought him and then set him free. When Imam Ali (a.s) asked him what’s his name He said, “Salim”. ” Imam Ali (a.s) said

“The Prophet (pbuh) told me that your Persian parents named you Maysam, Then Imam Ali (a.s) asked him to go back to the title which the Prophet (pbuh) had given him.

He agreed, so he was called Meesam e Tammar as, Abu Salim, Abu Salih was another name for him.

Life journey and profession: 

Meesam e Tammar as sold dates in the market of Kufa, so he was called Meesam e Tammar as, which means “seller of dates.” Meesam e Tammar as was one of the most honest and God-fearing sellers in Kufa , Because of his ishq with Imaam e Ali a.s and the Holy Prophet (pbuh) Meesam e Tammar as always spread positivity in the people through his deeds.

Meesam e Tammar as was a close associate of Imam Ali (a.s), Imam al-Hassan (a.s), and Imam al-Hussain (a.s), but he is best known as a devoted follower of Imam Ali (a.s). He loved the Prophet (pbuh) and his family (a.s) sincerely and with all his heart, and they were also kind to him.Umm, Salama said that during His life, the Prophet (pbuh) admired Maysam many times.

Meesam e Tammar as learned a lot about religion and spirituality from Ahl al-Bayt (saw). Imam Ali (a.s) taught him all about the succession position maqamm al-wisaya).


Meesam e Tammar as son’s names were Salih, Shuayb, and Hamza they were just as loyal to the Ahl al-Bayt (saw) as their father. His grandkids were some of the people who stood with the Imams and told hadees. Ali b. Isma’il b. Shu’ayb b. Meesam e Tammar as, one of his relatives, ended up being a great Shi’a philosopher and wrote some of the first theological books.

Foretelling (prophecies) :

Meesam e Tammar as predicted many things in his life but the most prominent predictions were the death of Mu’awiya, the martyrdom of Imam al-Hussain (a.s), his own death, and the release from jail of Mukhtar b. Abi ‘Ubayd al-saqafi.

Works in Tafseer and Ahadees:

Meesam e Tammar as used what he gained from Imam Ali (a.s) to write a commentary (Tafseer) on the Qur’an.

 Another account says that Meesam e Tammar as stated to Ibn ‘Abbas that Imam Ali (a.s) had taught him the Ta’wil (secret meaning of the Qur’an) knowledge. He told Ibn ‘Abbas to ask him anything he wanted about how to understand the Qur’an. Ibn ‘Abbas asked him questions and wrote down his answers.

Ibn Abbas became suspicious of Meesam e Tammar as when he told the story of how he would die as a martyr, so he chose to destroy the writings. Meesam e Tammar as told him not to do that and said, “Don’t do that until my prediction comes true. If it doesn’t come true, destroy my theories.”

Meesam e Tammar as is also said to have put together a book of hadees, which his relatives used to tell stories. Some of these stories can be found in the sources. These stories are about how people love and hate Ahl al-Bayt (a.s), 

    • How Kufa Mosque is more important than Bayt al-Maqdis,
    • How deceivers hate Imam Ali (a.s), 
    • How Mola punished the lawbreakers and other tales about how He made decisions and judgments.

Meesam e Tammar as A great and fearless speaker:

Meesam e Tammar as was a strong, intelligent speaker whose words shocked Ibn Ziyad.
Because of the statements he gave against the Ummaya caliphate, he became known as a man who hated injustice.

Meesam e Tammar as and Imam Ali (a.s)

Meesam e Tammar as was a member of Imam Ali’s a.s special guards, the Shurta al-Khamis. They swore to fight with Imam Ali (a.s) in all conflicts and help him through all hard times.

Since there is no record of Meesam e Tammar as fighting with Imam Ali (a.s) in any battle, it is thought that he met Imam Ali (a.s) during the Imam’s last few years of life.

This is also shown by some stories that Meesam e Tammar as told about what happened in the last years of Imam Ali’s (a.s) rule, such as when Mu’awiya’s supporters invaded the regions of Heet and the town of Anbar and killed women and children. Mu’awiya cursed Imam Ali (a.s) and those who supported him. He also cursed Meesam e Tammar as.

After Imam Ali passed away:

Meesam e Tammar as become a faithful servant of Imam al-Hassan a.s and Imam al-Hussain a.s. Meesam e Tammar as and Imam al-Hussain were close, and Imam al-Hussain was generous to him. Meesam e Tammar as travelled to Makkah in 60/680 to do the Umrah, but he couldn’t find Imam al-Hussain (a.s). Umm e Salama told him what was going on with Imam al-Hussain (a.s). Maysam subsequently requested Umm Salama to tell Imam al-Hussain (a) that he would see the Imam a.s in heaven.

Meesam e Tammar as and the Story of the Tree:

Imam Ali (a) told Meesam e Tammar as that if he stood up against the governor of Kufa, ‘Ubayd Allah b. Ziyad He would be given a high place in paradise next to him.

The Imam a.s also told Maysam about his death as a hero, the name of the person who will kill him, and the account of how he would be killed on a palm tree. He actually showed him precisely which tree He would be hung from.

After that day Maysam is said to have prayed by that tree and communicated to it daily. He regularly watered that palm tree and the people of the Kufa found him majnoon (psycho) to do so.

He told his friends about how he’ll die, but when he told Habib ibn Mazahir in front of other people, they all started to laugh at him.

Martyrdom and completion of Prophecy:

Once, Imam Ali (a.s) told Maysam that he would die and additionally told him where He would be hanged from a palm tree. History says that after Maysam got this information, He would go to the tree that Imam Ali a.s had pointed out, pray by the tree, and talk to it. Imam Ali a.s was assassinated, and then Imam Hassan ibn Ali a.s, the second Shi’a Imam, was killed. But Maysam kept waiting for the moment to come.

Arrested and put to death:

Imam Ali (A.S.) was killed, and then Imam Hassan (A.S.) was killed. Meesam-e-Tammar kept waiting for the right time. Ubaidullah ibn Ziyad was the Governor of Kufa, Iraq.

Then, Maysam-e-Tammar went to Makkah to fulfil the Hajj journey and then went back to Kufa, Iraq. One day, the Governor of the position, Ubaidullah ibn Ziyad, called him and urged him in Court, “Oh Maysam! “Tell me about your God,” Maysam answered right away. “He wants a chance to punish those who have done wrong.” Then Ubaidullah ibn Ziyad asked him what he knew about Imam Ali (A.S.). Maysam said that Imam Ali (A.S.) Is his master and He loves him. Ubaidullah ibn Ziyad proceeded to ask him. “Did your master inform you something about how it would end?”

Maysam-e-Tammar said, “Yes, he told me that I would be hanged and that my tongue would definitely be cut.” Ubaidullah ibn Ziyad laughed loudly and said,

“I’ll make sure your master didn’t tell you the truth (Naus billah).

” I’ll make sure that his prediction doesn’t come true,

” Maysam-e-Tammar said, “What my master said is accurate since he got that knowledge from Allah (S.W.T. Gibriel (Jibril) told Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H), and Gibriel brought the message from Allah (P.B.U.H).

O Leader of the believers! By Allah (S.W.T)! I will never stop being associated with you. Said Maysam-e-Tammar

Ubaidullah ibn Ziyad ordered Maysam to be arrested. Abdullah bin al-Haris, Maysam, and al-Mukhtar al-saqafi were all in the same jail.

Imam Hussain (A.S.) sacrificed for Islam as a hero. Everyone in the jail felt bad for him, and started crying eagerly zindaan e kufa was filled with followers of Ahl e Bait a.s at that time.

“Get ready to meet Allah (S.W.T.), “Al-Mukhtar told his two friends. After Imam Hussain a.s has been assassinated, Ubaidullah ibn Ziyad will kill the people who defend Imam Hussain a.s and love his message and obey Ahl e Bait.

Abdullah bin al-Haris replied, “Yes, he is going to kill us sooner. 

Maysam said: “No, he will not murder you. My Imam, Imam Ali (A.S.), told me that al-Mukhtar will kill the people who killed Imam Hussain. And you will kick the head of Ubaidullah ibn Ziyad.”

Then Maysam told Abdullah bin al-Haris, “You’ll rule Basra one day.”

Yazid sent Ubaidullah ibn Ziyad a message telling him to set al-Mukhtar free when he asked for al-Mukhtar to be killed. He let him go and told Maysam to be put to death on a wooden cross.

As Imam Ali (A.S.) said that Maysam-e-Tammar was taken to the same tree to be hung. Maysam started singing about how great his master was, so about a thousand people came to watch him be hanged.

Amar ibn Hurais saw Meesam being killed:

Amar ibn Hurais thought back to what Meesam had said: “I’ll be your neighbour. Kindly treat me well.” So, Amar ibn Hurais told one of his daughters to clean up the area around the trunk of the palm tree. He also told her to sprinkle water on it.

Someone looked at Maysam and said, “Disown Ali a.s to safeguard your soul.”

With a smile, Meesam said. “By Allah (S.W.T.), this base of a palm tree was made for me! And I was made just for it.” So, the people always knew the story about Maysam’s visit and the love of this palm tree.

Even as He was being executed, Maysam’s mouth kept praising Imam Ali (A.S.). When this was told to Ubaidullah ibn Ziyad, the tyrant directed that Meesam’s tongue be cut out. The prediction of Imam Ali (A.S.) came true, and Maysam-e-Tammar passed away after his tongue was cut out.

Some sources say that after he was hung, a knife hit him in the stomach, and he said, “Allahu Akbar” before his mouth and nose started spewing blood.NIbn Ziyad said that Maysam’s body should be hung up for a few days.BAt last, some people who sold dates in the city too took his body and buried it on the land of the Murad tribe.

Completion of his other big Prophecy:

There were six years. Al-Mukhtar started his movement in Kufa to get back at the people who killed people in Karbala. His troops met Ubaidullah ibn Ziyad on Riverbank.

Ibrahim al-Ashtar could behead Ubaidullah ibn Ziyad.

The head of Ubaidullah ibn Ziyad was brought by Ibrahim al-Ashtar a soldier from Al-Mukhtars troop to Ameer al-Mukhtar. Al-Mukhtar got up and kicked the head of Ubaidullah ibn Ziyad.

Al-Mukhtar thought back to what Maysam had said to him in a jail cell: “Al-Mukhtar, you’ll get out of jail. You’ll get payback on Imam Hussain’s a.s killers.”

The Maysam al-Tammar’s tomb:

Days went by. The people who killed Imam Hussain a.s died. People have cursed them since the beginning of time. Today, the visitors leaving the Holy City of Najaf. they go to see the Kufa ruins. they see a beautiful dome along the way. Maysam’s shrine appears pretty by the dome.

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