Hazrat Salman Farsi Story: Salman e Muhammadi a.s

Overview of Hazrat Salman e Muhammadi a.s:

Salman e Muhammadi a.s was born 610. He accompanied Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and Imam Ali (a.s). The Holy Prophet stated, ” Salman e Muhammadi a.s is one of us, the Ahl al-Bayt.” He helped to win the Battle of Khandaq with his idea of digging a ditch. He opposed Saqifa and believed Imam Ali (a.s) should succeed the Holy Prophet (pbuh) according to the Prophets (pbuh) Ghadeer order.

Salman e Muhammadi a.s Before Islam:

Salman e Muhammadi a.s was Named Roozbah. It means “happy”. Isfahan village raised him. His Father ran the village. He was rich in his society. Fire symbolized light to the Persians. Thus, the fire was sacred to them. They built temples with eternal fires. The Religious individuals maintained the flames 24/7.

Salman e Muhammadi a.s ‘s father wanted him to become prominent in the tribe. He ordered him to rush towards the temple and maintain the fire. Fire worried Salman e Muhammadi a.s.

Because people keep it going, he didn’t think it was a God. The young man wandered through the distant green fields. He saw an attractive building far away.

Salman e Muhammadi a.s approached, and it was an Ancient church. Monks established the church to pray to Allah Almighty. Christianity was Allah’s faith then. Monks spoke to the youngster Salman e Muhammadi a.s said He loved Islam.

And He inquired:

Where did this Faith come from?

They responded: It originated from Shaam.

Journey to Shaam and Converting to Islam:

Salman e Muhammadi a.s picked Shaam for his journey. He sought companions. The caravan merchants took him home with them. The young man started living in a priest’s house.

Salman e Muhammadi a.s served the priest and requested him to tell everything he knew about the Bible and Ibrahim’s holy teachings. He wanted to study the church’s regulations, how to be a good person, and the Holy Scriptures.

Priest died.

Salman e Muhammadi a.s migrated to northern Iraq’s Mousal. A church housed him. Mousal to Naseebeen. His search for truth continued then He travelled to Ammuriyah. Salman e Muhammadi a.s lived in Ammuriyah. Ammuriyah priest was good. He told Salman e Muhammadi a.s:

A Prophet will come from God. His name would be Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) He will restore Ibrahim al-Khalil’s faith. He will shift to a date palm-filled area.

Salman e Muhammadi a.s asked:

His signs?

the priest said: He takes gifts but not charity. He will carry the prophetic mark between his shoulders on his back.

The saintly priest passed away, leaving Salman e Muhammadi a.s alone. He looked at Arab immigrants. A group passed from his city. They wanted to return to Hejaz. For Makkah, he gave them all his money and requested them to take him to Hejaz.

Merchants trapped him with his money. They enslaved him. Roozbah was regretful but not outraged about his friend’s betrayal. He worked honestly on the Jewish man’s land.

Salman e Muhammadi a.s Finding the Prophet (pbuh):

Days passed. Bani Quraiza man visited his cousin one morning. Salman e Muhammadi a.s worked tirelessly in his land. He liked him working this hard and wanted to buy him.

Telling his cousin:

I’ll buy that slave.

Bani Quraiza resided in Yasrab, a town full of date palms, making Roozbah happy. The head priest of Ammuriyah assured him that the Prophet would appear in the city of palm trees. Salman e Muhammadi a.s always kept tracking the time. He was anxiously waiting for the arrival of the Prophet. He heard his supervisor tell a friend while working on the farm:

Muhammad (pbuh) reached Quba. Some Yasrab has loved and accepted him.

It meant freedom for Salman e Muhammadi a.s. Waited till evening. He escaped his master’s house with some dates after dark. Yasrab to Quba was roughly two miles.

Salman e Muhammadi a.s got fast. He reached our Holy Prophet Muhammad [pbuh] in Quba:

And said: These dates are a donation.

The Prophet (pbuh) gave his friends dates but didn’t consume any. Salman e Muhammadi a.s thought:

First sign.

The next day, he returned. He again took some dates with him. He told the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh),

It’s a Gift for you.

Dates pleased the Prophet [pbuh]. He shared with friends and ate some. Roozbah thought:

Here’s the Second sign:

This convinced Roozbah that Holy Muhammad (pbuh) was the promised Prophet. And He embraced Islam.

Salman e Muhammadi a.s Freeing from slavery:

Islam liberated the oppressed. Allah freedman. So Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) told his companions:

Liberate Salman e Muhammadi a.s.

The Jewish guy freed Salman if he planted 3,000 date palms for him. His brothers provided palm shoots.

Muhammad (pbuh) planted them. All perished. Allah set Salman e Muhammadi a.s free. He felt pleased with our Holy Prophet Muhammad [pbuh].

Hazrat Salman e Muhammadi a.s and Madina’s Security:

Muslims discovered during Ramadan 5 AH that multiple religions planned to destroy Madina. Jews have constantly wished the Quraish and Arabs to invade Madina to destroy Islam.

10,000 troops cost the Jews a great deal of money. The Holy Prophet Muhammad [pbuh] always sought advice from his companions on Muslim issues.

Muslims debated at the Holy Prophet’s Mosque. Only 1,000 Muslim warriors faced 10,000 attackers, making the following invasion dangerous. They possessed numerous tools. They faced adversity. Some of them were scared people. Cowards were always scared and lied to everyone.

Salman e Muhammadi a.s said:

We constructed a ditch when an enemy attacked us in Persia during Allah’s Prophet (pbuh). Salman’s opinion astonished Muslims. All Muslims and the Holy Prophet (pbuh) rejoiced.

Trench theory (Khandak):

Northern Madina border was weak. The Holy Prophet Muhammad [pbuh] advised Muslims to dig a 5,000-meter-long, 9-meter-wide, 7-meter-deep pit.

The next day, Muslims dug. The Holy Prophet Muhammad [pbuh] ordered each group of ten men to dig forty meters to finish the trench fast and correctly. The winter season hit.

It was freezing. Muslims were fasting also. They worked hard. They didn’t care what Jews and liars said.

Our Holy Prophet Muhammad [pbuh] worked hard, cheered for his friends, and prayed for Abdullah bin Rawaha:

Allah guided us! And made us help those in need and pray! Teach us patience! Keep us solid when (our enemy) approaches!

Evil invaded:

Abu Sufyan led Allies to Madina. They asked: Arabs don’t know how to do this!

Polytheists knew Salman had the concept in mind. They Attacked Madina but Abu-Sufyan couldn’t find a trench exit. Muslims and polytheists exchanged arrows in battle. Polytheist riders could ride across the trench and encounter Muslims in front one day.

The Holy Prophet [pbuh] ordered his soldiers to stop polytheists. Polytheist icon Amru bin Abdi-Wud challenged Muslims but no one stood up except Imam Ali ibn Abu Talib a.s to combat. The Holy Prophet [pbuh] prayed to Allah for victory when Imam Ali [a.s] faced Islam’s enemies.

He said:

Today, all faith fights all atheism (kuffar).

The young and brave Imam Ali (a.s) Defeated him and all Muslims yelled:

Great God! Great God!

Muslims followed and murdered polytheists who ran over the trench.

The victory:

Polytheists couldn’t cross the trench, it was a long attack but Allah was victorious for his Messenger and followers. Strong winds damaged the Allies’ armies.

Tragic they took down their tents. Polytheists were tired of the battle one night. Abu Sufyan withdrew his troops.

The holy Prophet Muhammad [pbuh] despatched Huzayfa Yamani to the enemy position in the morning to investigate. Huzayfa informed the Holy Prophet [pbuh] of the enemy’s defeat. Muslims rejoiced.

Allah Almighty helped them defeat their enemies. Muslims were glad to go home after an entire month of warfare.

As Salman e Muhammadi a.s minah Ahl Al Bait:

The Prophet’s Mosque was filled with Muslims. Thanking Allah, the Great.  Salman e Muhammadi a.s, the great companion, helped to save Madina and Islam with his strategy.

Thus, the Ansar of Madina said:

Our Salman e Muhammadi a.s.

Muhajireen yelled:

Our Salman.

Muslims asked the Prophet [pbuh] what u think about Salman

Holy Prophet (pbuh) stated:

As Salman o minah Ahl Al Bait 

Salman is one of us.

He then said:

Call him Salman e Muhammadi a.s, not Farsi!

Even then, Muslims have praised Salman e Muhammadi a.s

Hazrat Salman e Muhammadi a.s rejects Saqifa:

Salman remarked in Saqifa, “If they’d committed obedience to Imam Ali (a.s), blessings would’ve been sent from every direction.”

Salman opposed Saqifa. Miqdad, Salman, Abu Dhar, Ubada b. Samit, Abu-l-Haytham b. al-Tayyihan, Hudhayfa, Ammar b. Yasir and Muhajirun residents chose the caliph the night after the Event of Saqifa. Salman and Ubayy bin Kaab, Salam, and other Ashaab opposed the Saqifa affair for several reasons.

Salman e Muhammadi a.s famously told the followers of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) who swore devotion to Abu Bakr, “You did whereas we did not.” This implies you picked a Caliph but didn’t obey Muhammad’s order. “Back then, you chose an older man but left the holy Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) household isolated. If you had selected one of the members of the Ahl al-Bayt Imam Ali (a.s), there wouldn’t be any trouble.” You loved all the good things it brought.

Jihad and Hazrat Salman e Muhammadi a.s:

Salman always fought Muslim society’s enemies with our holy Prophet Muhammad [pbuh]. Salman fought in all Muslim battles: Bani Quraiza, Khaibar, Makkah, Hunain, and Tabook.

Salman was among the first to honour the Holy Prophet of Allah beneath the tree. Al-Ridhwan was that homage. Salman was a devout Mujahid.

Muslims saw what our holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said.

Paradise wants three residents. Salman, Ammar, and Imam Ali a.s.

Due to their three origins, they looked good. Islam drew them together. Brotherhood ensued. Abu Sufyan, who constantly behaved like pre-Islamic people, laughed at them as he passed.

He believed Arabs were better than others.

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said:

The distinction between an Arab and an outsider is fear of Allah Almighty.

Hazrat Salman e Muhammadi a.s and Al Madain:

Salman fought the Persians. He faced the invaders. He fought bravely. Saad bin Abi-Wakkas battled al-Madain. Salman accompanied him.

His horse crossed the river. Salman bridged Muslim-Persian relations Because He was the only one to speak Persian.

Salman talked to the other troops of Persia so well that the city conceded without injury.

Caliph Umar bin al-Khattab appointed him governor of al-Madain, but Salman first approached Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib a.s., who approved it. He was Al-Madain’s governor till his death. A pleasant Muslim king. He earned 5,000 Dirhams monthly. He handed them all to the needy. He kept only a few Dirhams to make his containers.

He made a container with palm leaves to do his survival, each container earned him three Dirhams. He donated one Dirham, spent one on his family, and retained one for palm leaves. He wore simple clothes.

Tourists and foreigners assumed he was a poor al-Madain man. A traveller urged Salman to load his bags at the market. Salman followed with the man’s baggage. Salman received pleasant street greetings.

He inquired:

Who’s that downer?

They replied:

Al-Madain’s Aruler, Salman al-Farsi, was with Allah’s Prophet (pbuh).

Traveler startled. He apologized and asked Salman to drop his baggage.

No, Salman replied:

until I leave.

The guest felt sorry for Salman and understood he was a devout Muslim.

Finding Kufa’s Land:

After conquering al-Madain, Muslims searched for a nice home. Salman and Huzayfa bin al-Yamman searched for a Muslim-friendly spot to live. They prayed at Kufa.

Kufa was founded then.

Then it became the Muslim government’s city of science and knowledge.

Devine Return:

Salman e Muhammadi a.s got old. Muslims visited him in order to ask Allah for healing him. Salman loved Allah and people and helped them, thus Muslims liked him too.

Salman requested his wife to collect his long-held parcel one morning. His wife asked what was inside the box. Salman replied, My Holy Prophet (pbuh) told me 

“If illness approaches you, certain individuals will meet you.” They don’t eat, but they love good fragrance. 

Salman watered the gift after removing the string. The room smelled great. Salman asked his partner to open his door. Salman shut his eyes and died quickly.

Salman died 36/656-7. Many believe he lived 350 years.

After Salman passed away Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib (a.s) travelled to al-Madain to perform ghusl and wrap his body in a kaffan. He buried him after praying over him. Imam ‘Ali (a.s) returned to Medina that night

His Tomb:

Salman Paak is a large shrine near Kossra Arch, where people visit al-Madain’s ruins. Salman al-Muhammadi, a devoted Muslim, is memorialized there. Young Salman left Iran. He travelled throughout Turkey, Shaam, Iraq, and Hijaz. After years of Jihad and prayer, he died in al-Madain.

Madain called him Salman Paak. In Persian “Paak” means clean. Yes! Salman was kind and clean momin. He was related to the Holy Prophet (pbuh).


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