The Importance Of Nowruz In Islam

Nowruz In Islam

In this article ,you will know about the “Nowruz” and its celebration.It is a religious day for the shia muslims .In iran it is celebrated more than 300 years .Here are some details which will help to understand and clarify concept of nowruz.

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A Brief Look at Nowruz

The day of “Tajposhi” for Imam Ali is Nowruz. It is very important to Islam’s sacred past, especially because of Hazrat Ali ibn Abi Talib, the Holy Prophet Muhammad’s cousin and son-in-law (peace be upon him and his family). Shias think of Nowruz as the good day of Hazrat Ali’s tajposhi, or crowning, which was an important event with great spiritual and historical significance.

The Idea Behind Nowruz

In Islam, tajposhi means that Hazrat Ali was accepted and put in charge as the rightful leader after the Holy Prophet Muhammad. Nowruz is a celebration of the fact that Hazrat Ali was chosen by God to be the Imam, the spiritual leader, and the protector of the Muslim community. Nowruz is a celebration of the continuation of Hazrat Ali as a teacher and the keeping of the real lessons of Islam.Shia people think that Hazrat Ali took over as leader of Islam from the Holy Prophet Muhammad on Nowruz.

It marks the end of the prophetic era and the beginning of the imamate era. It shows that spiritual power and divine knowledge have been given to the imam.The connection between Nowruz and the tajposhi of Hazrat Ali comes from basic ideas and stories from the past.

Shia stories say that the Holy Prophet Muhammad named Hazrat Ali the “Mawla” (Master) of the followers on the day of Nowruz. He did this in front of a large group of Muslims and told them to respect him and recognize his power.

This statement showed how important Hazrat Ali’s guidance was and set up the idea of divine appointment in the Shia religion.So, Nowruz is an important time for Shia Muslims to remember Hazrat Ali’s tajposhi and pay tribute to it. Shia Muslims think about the spiritual heritage of Hazrat Ali and his role as the guardian of the true principles of Islam.

It is a day filled with joy, thanks, and respect. It is time to say again that they will follow the right way and ask the Imam, who was chosen by God, for advice.During Nowruz, Shia Muslims do different Islamic rituals to show their love for Hazrat Ali and ask for his help.

They say special prayers, supplications, and lectures that talk about Hazrat Ali’s good qualities, knowledge, and bravery. Many Shia communities hold meetings and parades where people read poems and stories that honor Hazrat Ali’s place as tajposhi and his high status in Islam.

Shia Muslims can also renew their loyalty to the Imam of their time, whom they believe to be the twelfth and final Imam, Imam Mahdi (may Allah speed up his return). It is a time to pray for the well-being, guidance, and return of the Imam, who represents justice, fairness, and spiritual direction.

Shia Muslims feel more spiritually connected to the coming Imam when they celebrate Nowruz. This gives them a feeling of hope, unity, and expectation.

What do our learned people say about Nowruz and how important it is?

In his book, Mafaatih al-Naveen, Ayatullah al-Uzma Makarim Shirazi writes: “When it comes to what Islam has to say about Eid-e-Nowrooz, we must say that this Eid is discussed among the experts. Some of the legends say that this day is important because it was the day when many countries were saved from danger.

He says that “The Late Allamah Majlisi writes in Zad al-Ma’aad that, “From a solid chain of narrators from Mu’alla ibn Janis, it has been told that on the day of Nowruz, he was blessed to be in the presence of Imam as-Sadiq (AS).” “Do you know what’s going on today?” asked the Imam. Mu’alla answered, “May I be killed for you!”

This was a great day for the people of Iran. On this day, they give each other gifts.” The Imam answered, “This day is important and held in high regard because of what happened in history, which I will now explain to you.”The Imam then talked about the following: Nowruz is the day when Allah, the Most High, took a promise from the souls of all people before they were born that they would not be partners with Him and that they would accept and believe in His Prophets and Imams.

Nowruz is also the day when the flood that happened during the time of Prophet Nuh (AS) stopped, and the ark landed on the mountain of Joodi.Nowruz is also the day when the Messenger of Allah destroyed the statues of the polytheists of the Quraish in the city of Makkah. This was also the day that Prophet Ibrahim broke the images, and it is also the day that the 12th Imam, Qa’im, will come.Ayatullah Makarim Shirazi says, ”

This tradition can’t be trusted because Mu’alla ibn Janis is a person that scholars question, which means that this tradition is also in question.”

Still, he says that this day is important in Islam and that we should make sure it is marked in an Islamic way.In the end, he says that the Eid-e-Nowrooz is a natural holiday in the world Allah made. It is the day when winter ends and spring comes to life, as Allah ordered. It is the time when the leaves of the trees start to grow buds and the bulbs of the flowers start to come out before they bloom.

It is a time when all of creation begins to move toward life, and so we, the believers, should be in harmony with this event of creation, as this is the same as being in sync with Allah’s way (Sunnat).The followers must make sure to get rid of all “cultural” or “traditional” acts, even if Muslims do them, and follow what the Prophet and the Imams say to do.

So, some of the things we should do on this day are a ghusl for Eid, wearing clean clothes, putting on perfume, fasting, praying the recommended Salat after Salaatul Asr, and reading different prayers, some of which can be found in Mafaatih al- and Mafaatih al-Naveen.ConclusionIn the end, Nowruz is a very important day for Shias because it is the tajposhi day of Hazrat Ali.

It is a holy event that remembers when the Holy Prophet Muhammad gave spiritual leadership to Hazrat Ali. This was the start of the Imamate era. Shia Muslims use Nowruz as a time to express their love, gratitude, and allegiance to Hazrat Ali and the Imams who God chose.

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